We have been passionately dealing with textiles, beautiful interiors and cozy homes for almost 25 years. We are specialized in the wholesale activities and manufacture of home textiles and curtain hardware. Our aim is to provide a wide range of deco fabrics, transparent curtains, piece-goods, rail and rod systems made of wood, aluminium and plastic with all their accessories for you to be able to find all products in one place to help you in your everyday work.

As family business the most valuable thing for us is the partnership with our clients. A strong, confidential and many times friendly relationship has been evolved with our present customers thanks to reliability, flexibility and credibility coming from all the members of our staff of 70 employees. It is important for us that you can work with the same sales representative on the long term and build up good relationship.

Our main principle is to focus on the interests of our partners and our aim is to have satisfied customers all the time. 1200 square meter warehouse, 850 000 meters of fabrics, a workshop for curtain hardware and our professional team can guarantee a stable background. Thanks to all this we can serve your demands almost promptly, in the shortest time possible. If you use our innovative and user-friendly online order and information system you can work with updated and correct information.

We have had outstanding results in the domestic and international trade for years. We work with more than 2000 partners in 6 countries. In all countries where we are present we have independent sales agents and logistic manager with high-level knowledge of the local language supporting smooth sales.

The key of our activity is a strong combination of the products and the services in all areas of sales. The most important criteria are the aesthetic and the look of the product, but the quality has the highest priority of all. Besides we pay attention to the price-value ratio. The flexibility, the professionalism and the innovation are indispensable to keep our leading position.

By setting up a collection twice a year we focus on the demands of all the countries where we have sales and we keep in mind to preserve a nice unity of our collection. This is a real challenge considering the almost 6000 products we have. Our collection is a special combination of modern and classical designs and though we do not intend to set the fashion, but to bring novelties to the market.

Choose new items from Szintetika collection and bring new style to your product range!
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